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Cletch is a GUI for Command line encoders and alike. It is the successor of ctConvF converter frontend. Features
  • unicode aware GUI
  • errorlevel handling (blacklist / whitelist)
  • some optimations for usage with QuickBMS
  • vista icon and Windows 7 taskbar progress
  • autosuggest converters
  • passive drop handling and directory parsing
  • console handling, break detection
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Software development
  • user friendlyness
  • reliability
  • compatibilty
  • security
  • performance
  • Android Apps
  • QB, VB3, VB6, VBA
  • PureBasic
  • Flat assembler
  • Resources, PE format
Homepage systems
  • Easy in-place content editing
  • Plenty of interfaces for extra high flexibility.
  • Multilanguage & design support
  • Support for selected extensions
    (maps, charts, word processor)
Jan Vorel
  • 14609 days old
    (39.99 years)

Skype: RetiCenceLA