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ctuser.net - Where we part
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Where we part
by James Q. Zhang
Lyrics written by Jan 'RetiCence' Vorel
LRC file created by Jan 'RetiCence' Vorel

0:15 Awoken by rain
0:18 only dreams that remain
0:20 of all our wunderful times.
0:26 the long past joys
0:29 of hearing your voice,
0:32 and your most beautiful smile.
0:37 Can't focus no more
0:40 you are all I ache for
0:43 my very essence of life.
0:48 With unseeing eyes
0:51 I slowly arise
0:54 to start my journey again.
0:59 Flying so high
1:02 in the evening sky
1:05 looking all over the world.
1:10 Traveling far
1:12 to all places there are
1:15 searching for my beloved.
1:21 Every night
1:24 your words I recite
1:27 "So this is where we part."
1:32 Every day
1:34 across ocean and bay
1:37 until I finally find you
1:43 till I find you
1:48 Sear-ching each day a-new
1:55 Where did you go?
1:59 I miss you so

2:45 Missing those days
2:49 when i held
2:51 you in my arms
2:58 your pretty face
3:02 I can't get
3:05 out of my mind
3:10 Flying so high
3:13 in the evening sky
3:16 looking all over the world.
3:23 Traveling far
3:26 to all places there are
3:30 searching for my beloved.
3:36 Every night
3:39 your words I recite
3:42 "So this is where we part."
3:48 Every day
3:51 across ocean and bay
3:54 until I finally find you
3:59 until I finally find you
4:06 where can i find you my love
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