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Library to get a spectrum from current recording device;

Features some cool demo applications.

  • Automatically performes all recording handling
  • multithread (optional)
  • FFT
  • Several helpful functions
  • Optimized code, pre-calculated values for highest speed

Demo applications
The demo applications are designed to run in the background, and switch to foreground when the OS is idle, or on demand. They can also be used as regular screensavers by renaming the filename extension accordingly (from exe to scr). They will use multiple monitors (if appropriate for the shown content).
The animation shown will variate according to the recorded audio signal. It will record from the Windows default recording device. There are only minimal interactions, which can be accessed through the systray-icon, or special keyboard
For the following music players, the current playing song and lyrics (if a matching .lrc file is present) will be shown:
  • Calaym (1.10 alpha 9 and later)
  • Apollo (Limitations with unicode filenames)
  • WinAMP
  • AIMP
  • MusicBee (with MusicBeeIPC plugin)
  • MediaMonkey (Limitations with unicode filenames)
(LineSpec versions prior to 4.20 will work with Calaym only, or show the title only for WinAMP / Apollo)
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Software development
  • user friendlyness
  • reliability
  • compatibilty
  • security
  • performance
  • Android Apps
  • QB, VB3, VB6, VBA
  • PureBasic
  • Flat assembler
  • Resources, PE format
Homepage systems
  • Easy in-place content editing
  • Plenty of interfaces for extra high flexibility.
  • Multilanguage & design support
  • Support for selected extensions
    (maps, charts, word processor)
Jan Vorel
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    (39.99 years)

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