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Responsible for
content and design
Jan Vorel
Steinfelsstrasse 30
DE-94405 Landau / Isar

+49 160 6661223
Most software, media etc you can download here is written / created by Jan Vorel. See programs info dialog or file properties
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CTCMSEx copyrights & informations
Module / product Version Author / Copyright License
CTCMSEx 2018.05.25 `Sauerkraut` Jan Vorel GNU General Public License / not yet public available
phpMyAdmin   phpMyAdmin devel team GNU General Public License, version 2
Google Maps API Version 3 + Static maps Google Google Maps/Google Earth APIs Terms of Service
InfoBox 1.1.12 [December 11, 2012], slightly modified Gary Little Apache License, Version 2.0
Google Charts   Google Free (see link)
jscolor 1.3.0 Jan Odvárko GNU Lesser General Public License

Set / source Used images Author / Copyright License

Jan Vorel GNU General Public License
Software development
  • user friendlyness
  • reliability
  • compatibilty
  • security
  • performance
  • Android Apps
  • QB, VB3, VB6, VBA
  • PureBasic
  • Flat assembler
  • Resources, PE format
Homepage systems
  • Easy in-place content editing
  • Plenty of interfaces for extra high flexibility.
  • Multilanguage & design support
  • Support for selected extensions
    (maps, charts, word processor)
Jan Vorel
  • 14814 days old
    (40.55 years)

Skype: RetiCenceLA