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A little bit (Ein wenig mehr)
by Rockoustica (Christian Schimkowitsch)
LRC file created by Jan 'RetiCence' Vorel

Part 1
0:22 So many days I spent with grieving
0:24 So many days so hard believing
0:27 All those doubts, since you are gone
0:30 and nothing left to hold on
0:32 During work, new expectations
0:35 so much to do, so much frustrations
0:37 And at night, alone, awake
0:40 recurring thoughts without a break
0:44 Ev'ry day, a little bit
0:49 I will accept, I will admit
0:54 my mistakes, and I'll forget
0:59 all that moments that we had.

Part 2
2:00 All those years, no begging, pleading
2:03 All those years, kept you from leaving
2:05 All those years, and all in vain
2:07 Nothing is left, but endless pain
2:10 Ev'ry day I try arranging
2:13 the world and people so fast changing
2:15 for a simple, joyful life
2:18 Will effort ever start to thrive
2:22 Ev'ry day, a little bit
2:27 I will accept, I will admit
2:32 my mistakes, and I'll forget
2:37 all that moments that we had.
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