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 ct (COMM-port test app)
Core module, allowes to generate / send binary data to the COMM-port and wait for incoming data
NET / Network interface
Allowes network bridging support (COMM<->Network, Network<->Network)
AT / Modem interface
Currently works with some devices only. Allowes to show certain device infos, plus send all types of short messages (PDU, flash, service)
ADB interface
With a working adb connection, this allowes you to
  • Simulate certain keys and text input
  • Grab and save screenshots
  • Host a very lightweight http server that sends screenshots
  • Push superuser files to the device

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Software development
  • user friendlyness
  • reliability
  • compatibilty
  • security
  • performance
  • Android Apps
  • QB, VB3, VB6, VBA
  • PureBasic
  • Flat assembler
  • Resources, PE format
Homepage systems
  • Easy in-place content editing
  • Plenty of interfaces for extra high flexibility.
  • Multilanguage & design support
  • Support for selected extensions
    (maps, charts, word processor)
Jan Vorel
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