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ctuser.net - Out of my mind (12aa Mix)
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Strength of a thousand men / Out of my mind
by Two Steps From Hell
LRC file created by RetiCence

1:13 When I met her, I knew
1:17 I'd fall in love anew
1:21 but I suppressed it
1:25 Out of my mind
1:30 Whenever she was near
1:34 I felt joy and fear
1:39 Don't think about her
1:42 Out of my mind
1:47 No time for feelings
1:51 All that confusion
1:56 Don't want to get hurt
2:00 Out of my mind

2:47 When she was here that day
2:51 I found no words to say
2:56 Do not offend her
3:00 Out of my mind
3:04 And she said with a smile
3:09 "See you in a while"
3:13 And then she was gone
3:17 Forever gone
3:21 Her smile so charming
3:26 So unexpected
3:30 So overwhelming
3:34 Such sad goodbye

4:04 Maybe I failed to see
4:09 that she did like me?
4:13 Now I can't get her
4:17 Out of my mind
4:21 I miss her in my dreams
4:26 All hope lost, it seems
4:30 My eyes filled with tears
4:34 Out of my mind
4:39 Feeling so lonely
4:43 confused and broken
4:47 Don't want to let go
4:51 Out of my mind
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